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About Bellissimo, Inc.

Bellissimo, Inc. was incorporated in January, 1990, as a small business incubator. Its purpose is to build, grow, and sell great companies. Our Mission Statement is below.


0-360 Panoramic Optic - Makers of the 0-360 Panoramic Optic™, with proprietary software. The 0-360 Panoramic Optic™ is arguably the widest-angle lens ever produced, which captures an entire 360 degree scene with one camera shot. It is ideal for the production of virtual tours, and for future surveillance video applications. now has 360 degree video capture available!

We've taken this about as far as we should as an incubator. This is a proven model and technology, with tremendous opportunity for expansion of production, distribution, marketing and sales. International growth potential is huge, and 360 degree video is just starting to take off!

Interested (and qualified) parties should email Ken Simpson at: ken360 <at> .

Sale Price: tbd. Joint ventures, strategic partnerships considered.

360 degree video - 360 degree video, a market poised for terrific growth, is now here! has developed software to enable users of the 0-360 Panoramic Optic™ to shoot 360 degree video, using almost any HD video camcorder. The 360video Unwrapper Studio is now included with every purchase of the 0-360 Panoramic Optic

Coming late 2013: Miniature 360 degree video lens, suitable for smartphones (iPhone, Android), CCTV, surveillance, and portable video cameras.

Sale Price: tbd. Joint ventures, strategic partnerships considered.

360° - domain name only. Sale Price: tbd - domain name only. Sale Price: tbd - domain name only. Sale Price: tbd - domain name only. Sale Price: tbd
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Logo Watches - The #1 source for custom wristwatches with company logos on the dial. Highly efficient, refined business model.

Sale Price: $275000

zen watches - Developing a retail line of high-end wristwatches with zen themes.

Sale Price: na

Stock Market Timing - Developing the world's most accurate stock market indictor and timing model.

Great source for US economic and financial data.

Sale Price: na

Wealth/Financial Planning - This site will forever change how you think about money.

Financial Planning Site - It's about time! Finance/investing education site for all ages.

Sale Price: na

For Sale By Owner Real Estate Listings - For Sale By Owner (and Agents) real estate web site. Site is in need of an update, but is one of the last great real estate domain names available.

Sale Price: $0.4M

Pure Jazz - currently idle, searching for highest & best use.

Sale Price: na - in development. Member scoring of current startup opportunities.

Sale Price: na

  Social Coupon Site - Game changer in social coupon delivery.

Sale Price: na - Coming Soon! Internet sales of gemstones, with proprietary methods.

Sale Price: $0.3M

5 Star Magic - currently idle. E-store selling magic tricks, books, DVDs, etc. Perfect for the young entrepreneur!

Sale Price: $15,000, or interesting offer.

  HD Video project - coming soon. Developing an interactive site for the production, distribution and sales of high-definition videos and advertisements.

Sale Price: na


Bellissimo, Inc.'s Fundamental Values and Beliefs

We hold as inviolate that:

CUSTOMERS. Our Customers are the foundation upon which we are built. We will treat every customer as we would our best friend.

QUALITY. We are committed to Quality: Quality of Product, Quality of Service, Quality of Relationships, Quality of our Promises.

PRODUCTS. Our Products will excite our Customers. Our Products will instill pride in our Customers, and we will be proud of our Products.

EMPLOYEES. We are committed to long term Employee growth and development. We will maintain an environment for all involved to realize their full potential.

PROFIT. We expect profit. We strive for profit as a necessity for future growth.

IMPROVEMENT. We will continuously search for Improvement: Improvement in Product, Improvement in Processes, Improvement as Individuals, Improvement in the Team.

SATISFACTION. This is a vehicle to enjoy Teamwork, Challenge, Competition, and Victory. We will work hard and have Fun.

PURPOSE. We exist to bring exciting, unique, quality, desirable, and affordable products to the world.

MISSION. Our Mission is to effectively build the Quality companies listed above.