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- How does this work?
We have a short video showing just how easy this is: virtual-tour-camera-equipment-video Watch 0-360 Video
- If the 0-360 Panoramic Optic™ sees all 360 degrees at once, how do I keep from being in the picture?
Almost every camera has a 10-second timer. You use the camera's timer, which gives you 10 seconds to hide in the next room or blend into the scene. Ducking under the tripod is optional. ;-)
- Do I need an SLR camera, or will the 0-360 fit my camera?
You do NOT need an SLR camera. The 0-360 is designed to fit the majority of digital cameras with threaded lens attachment capabilities. As there are many different lens threads on the market, some cameras will require a thread adapter, which is an inexpensive option. We have listed many cameras which are compatible on our Camera page. If you can't find your specific camera model on the list, please click here to email us.

- Will the 0-360 work with my digital SLR camera?
Yes. All SLR cameras are compatible. As SLR cameras have interchangeable lenses, compatibility depends entirely on the lens used. Here is more info on SLR compatibility:

SLR Compatibility

It fits most non-SLR cameras, too! (See above.)
- Why is the 0-360 Panoramic Optic™ priced so much lower than its competitors?
Great question! The 0-360 is arguably the highest quality optic in its class. It has all-glass optics, while some of its competitors have plastic components. The 0-360 has the highest field of view of any of the one-shot systems, FREE software, and terrific tech support. Perhaps your question should be, "Why are the others priced so high?" Yes, the 0-360 is the best unit AND the best priced! It costs far more to manufacture a glass reflector than to mold a plastic one.
- What is the "Field of View" of the 0-360 Panoramic Optic?
The 0-360 takes a seamless image around the entire 360 degree Horizontal field of view (hFOV). The Vertical field of view (vFOV) for the 0-360 is 115 degrees. It captures an image from 52.5 degrees above the horizon to 62.5 degrees below the horizon. This means that with the 0-360, you can capture the entire world around you, with the exception of an area straight above, and an area straight below. This is the largest field of view of any one-shot system in its class.
- Where can I purchase the 0-360?
At this time, the 0-360 is available exclusively from We are pursuing distribution agreements with retail camera stores.
- What software is necessary to create the panoramas?
All software necessary to create the panoramic virtual tours is available for free here on our site: Software  We offer several software packages to suit your browser and platform.

The coding needed to post the virtual tour on your web page is also available for free here on our site: Publish  Once you create the panoramic photo, you can easily create the code needed for the virtual tour.
- What software will visitors to my site need in order to see the virtual tour?
Virtual tours can be designed to run in almost all browsers. The most popular are QuickTime, and Java-based, like PTViewer. Our software writes code for most of these viewers. If you would like to format the virtual tour for a different viewer, please email us.
Most web users (95%+) already have Java installed on their machines. So, if you use PTViewer, they can view your virtual tours without any plug-in. If you use Quicktime to display your tours, they will need to have Quicktime installed.
- Can I create a Flash-based tours from images from the 0-360?
Yes. There are several utilities available that will allow you to display virtual tours in Flash format. Here is a link to a free-trial version of Panorama2Flash, which creates a Flash-based tour from our UnWrapped images:
- Can I add my logo to the viewer?
If you use PTViewer, you can easily add your own logo to the viewer, for free. It is as simple as replacing the "wait.gif" file with your own.
- Are there any extra costs, like per-image fees?
NO! Once you purchase the Optic, you can produce as many virtual tours as you wish. There are no other fees.* We will continue to provide free updates to the UnWrapper software. We try to keep this as simple and easy as possible. *Our latest software has an optional uploading feature, which would require an additional programming charge, to integrate the software with your web server. This is completely optional, though, as you can typically upload to your server for free using standard FTP.
- Is the 0-360 fragile?
The 0-360 Panoramic Optic was engineered to be as rugged and durable as possible. The mirror and see-through window are thick, strong glass. The hardware is rugged aluminum. Like all optical instruments, you do not want to drop it, and we recommend that you handle it with due care. But in normal day-to-day use, the Optic should last for years. Like any fine lens, the glass components can be scratched if handled improperly. We provide a dust blower to remove any dust from the glass, and soft lens cloth for cleaning if necessary.
- What is the warranty on the 0-360 Panoramic Optic?
We are so proud of the 0-360 Panoramic Optic that we guarantee it for life! The 0-360 has no moving parts. So, with proper care, it should last forever. Be sure to read the warranty card for the typical disclaimers (limited warranty covers defects in workmanship and materials and not cover accidents, abuse, breakage, scratches, is valid only for the original purchaser, etc.)

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